Then and Now: Timeless Beauties of Today and Always

jennifer aniston most beautiful all time

  In a three-part tribute to the world’s most beautiful women, here are the timeless beauties of today and always. Saving the best for last, let’s recognize some beautiful actresses who have already built a name and a career in their lifetime. Accomplished actresses in their own right, the fairest …

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Faces to Watch: Timeless Beauties of Today and Tomorrow

emma watson as belle beauty and the beast

In more recent times, here are the most beautiful actresses whose faces I’d love to see over and over again. Every now and then, they come up with a good movie, a new outfit, or a failed romance. Life happens as it does with everyone, and beauty is no exception. …

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Timeless Beauty: A Tribute to the Most Beautiful Actresses of All Time

timeless beauty audrey hepburn

The passage of time may be kind to some, bittersweet to others. But for those who know how to age gracefully, they stand for and embody a timeless beauty. After having withstood it all, whatever tests of time that came became inconsequential and, somehow, irrelevant. With time on their side …

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Big Face Watches: Forever A Favorite

citizen womens eco drive rose gold watch

  If there’s one piece of jewelry I enjoy wearing a lot, it would be a big face watch. I don’t know why but it’s the kind that makes me feel cool, calm, and collected. With it, I am in my best element. In terms of collecting watches, well, maybe …

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How to Choose The Best Men’s Watches for You

citizen eco drive watches

  Would you know what the best men’s watches are and how they’re classified? In terms of classification, men’s watches are often catalogued under jewelry and accessories. A man’s watch, however, goes above and beyond being a mere accessory. It’s also an indicator that lends so many subtle clues about …

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The Best of Times: Because Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

TIME doesn’t drag. It doesn’t have the habit of changing its mind to either speed up or slow down. On the contrary, it keeps a constant pace, like clockwork! And the exhilarating thing about it is that time flies when you’re having fun! Clearly, the enemy of time well spent …

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History of the Watch: The Earliest Clocks and Timepieces Ever Made

evolution of the watch

These days, we often talk about taking time, making time, and losing time. It’s hardly one of our concerns anymore on how to keep time, in as much as we already have the best clocks and watches to keep us on track. But come to think of it: Do you …

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